General services to our valued clients

We provide those services to corporate bodies, organizations, associations and selected house holders and individuals:



  • Comprehensive training of bodyguards
  • Women Response Technique
  • Safety training


  • Provision of unarmed/armed bodyguards to VIPs, foreign dignitaries and corporate premises and selected residences.
  • Implementation of security areas access systems and procedures
  • Armed escorts for cash transit


  • Consultancy on all security aspects and security packages inclusive of surveys, reports and recommendations of security management and planning.
  • Crime prevention/advice and safety consultancy
  • Evaluating existing security systems
  • Rectifying security shortcomings
  • Talent spotting, selection and vetting of security employees.


  • Private investigations.
  • Investigations of fraud, fraudulent activities, security audits spot checks, commercial crime.
  • Copyright violations, illegal duplications, imitation of goods
  • Market surveys of presence of potential stolen or counterfeit items
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • Pre-employment vetting

We Provide

Armed Guards (Static)
Unarmed Guards (Static)
Close Escorts and Personal Body Guards
Private Investigations and Detective Services
Mobile Patrols
Neighborhood Security
Central Monitoring System(CMS) and CCTVs
In-House security and House Detectives
Security Products, Trading and Consultancy
IT security and Management
Cash In Transit